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Azett News January 2017 
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Azett is a leading manufacturer of industrial grade hand cleaner, hand cleansers, for industrial use.  Our range includes the classic hand wash paste, handwash paste such as Handrein, Ultra, and Ultra special.  State of the art is Reinfix, the pumpable version of our hand cleaner that is easy to dispense and does not clog drains. 

Our range of hand cleaner are biodegreadable due to their wood powder based formulation.  They comply with the European detergency laws concenringn biodegreradability of > 90 %.

Azett spends much time on research and development to assure that our series of handcleansers, hand cleaner are state of the art.  This is supported through our ISO 9001 certificate and the certification to cosmetic gmp.

For the consumer Azett has a line of  Dead sea salt cosmetics with shampoo, shower gel and creames that help in easing skin problems due to psoriasis.  These products can be found under

Azett also manufactures a complete range of industrial cleaning products for kitchens, homes, and industrie.  The range includes high pressure washer, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, ware washing, linen washing and toilet cleaning.

Our range of products that include hand cleaner, hand cleanser, handcleaner, handcleanser are sold through out Europe, Middle East, Afrika and Asia.

The complete range of products can also be manufactured under private label.  We also offer full service contract manufacturing.

Should you have any questions please send us an email.

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